Furniture and Furnishing Exhibition (FURNEX) has itself been a brand, an initiation towards the prosperity and development of the Furniture & Furnishing sector, organized by Nepal Furniture and Furnishing Association. FURNEX was introduced in 2012 A.D for the first time, ever since it has been one of the successful event.
After the grand success of 8th edition we are back with the 9th edition of the most awaited Expo of the year Furniture & Furnishing Expo 2023. This year the expo is going even wider and moving forward to incorporate everyone with full-fledged marketing strategy. The expo is mainly focusing on furniture and furnishing materials manufacturers, product importers, distributors, dealers and professionals, from exhibitors point of view, while a hub for first hand customers who has keen interest in new updated trendy furnishings. Well this can be a great opportunity to show the new emerging products and a platform for direct marketing.
The main objective of the expo is to promote the furniture & Furnishing sector and to provide information about materials and services available in the market. Another important objective of FURNEX is to gather the quality of product that is being produced. The Expo showcases furniture and furnishing products, decorative items for residential, office, hotels, schools and colleges etc.

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